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General Forum Rules

(Check regulary)

1a. NEVER post any kind of content featuring models under 18. (Not dressed nor drawings)
1b. NEVER post Scat, Bestiality, Gay, Vomit or Anorexia content
1c. NEVER post content from the Forbidden Content / Banned Websites list.('I didn't know' means 'I didn't read it')
1d. New teen/young content will not be approved.

Rigister :
- Only One(1) Registration permitted. (More ID's lead to removal of all ID's/contributions)
- ID's may not contain the name of a site. ID's that include a site name will be marked as spam.

Sharing links :

Use SEARCH before posting.

Links to another forum, blog etc. lead to direct BAN

Only these filehosts are currently allowed
VIP & KF-Ambassadors are exempt from this list
- ByteWhale
- NO gay, shemale,trans, piss, scat, zoo, underagde, cp, jailbait, rape, forced, sadism, etc Also NO Hollywood movies and TV shows
- Keep2share, FileBoom, Fboom
- Mediafire
- Sendspace
- Solidfiles
- Zippyshare

Other File-hosts can only be used as a mirror.

2a. No links in your signature, password etc..,(except KF-Ambassadors)
2b. No advertisement for premium sales
2c. No outside links to other sites, forums, blogs, etc...
2d. No sitename as password
2e. Posting spam or advertisements will get you banned
2f. The use of software for automatic posting is prohibited
2g. You may post your content only once.
2i. NO flooding (max 10 post/24h)
2j. NO more than one(1) video per post.
2k. Never use any kind of link protector. The only thing they do install cookies and malware
2l. We strongly advise NOT to use passwords. Its absolutely NO guarantee for maintaining your links. 
2m. NO cash links of any kind
2n. Do not start a new thread for each similar content. Merge your content as much as posible
2o. NO folder links. Each link should be posted with previews
2p. Use only links which are accessible for free users.

Previews :

3a. A minimum of 2 previews containing screen caps taken from the movie/clip or a front and back cover.
3b. Information about length, size and type of the file.(Must be visible without clicking tumbnail)
3c. When Posting RAR files containing pictures, please mention the size of the file and the amount of pics stored in the RAR.
3d. Never use an image-host with more then 1 pop-up.
3e. No download previews.

Each sub forum can contain custom rules

8a. Never publicly argue with staff. All complaints or disagreements should be via PM only.
8b. In a disagreement with a moderator, you can PM an Administrator

9. Please remember to always read your private messages. They may contain important information from staff

10. Last but NOT least, Be respectful to everyone on this forum.

Banned Filehosts (Never use a BANNED filehost also NOT as a mirror)


We strongly recommend that you use one of the following image-hosts
Preferred Imagehosts

Banned Imagehosts
- (harmful adware)
- (malware)
- (malware : &
- (malware :
- messyshare
- (malware)
- (malware, computer attack)
- (sending spam)

deksels: removed from the allowed file host list

deksels: and now added to the allowed list

deksels: removed from the allowed list

deksels: removed from the allowed file host list


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