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on a Sunday


                           on a SUNDAY
fiction by cocomink
 Short time ago, i had made a setup that i was thinking about long time.
 The combination of Beautiful weather, beautiful wife, beautiful ropes.
 And a perfectly hidden beautiful garden, This is a great combination.
 My garden could only be overviewed from my own house,
 and house of neighbors, from one level up.
 The neighbors are a nice couple of about our own age, and members of the same
little cosy BDSM-club as my wife and myself. So - zero problems.
 I want to sit in my favorite chair, for the window looking out into my garden,
 and read my sunday-newspaper, but that reading itself : low chance.
 I had put my wife in the garden - the view on her was much more interesting.
 She was -as usual- on her knees, her backside bound to a little tree,
 wrists bound behind and on the tree, ankles next to the same tree.
 and a collar loosely around the neck - also on the tree, and a blindfold.
 But no gag - i had better plans with her mouth.
 Yeahhhh - of course she was completely naked - i am not that stupid!
 After about one or two hours -on sundays i use no watch- tring tring, telephone ....
 Was Joyce, neighbors wife,  if she could speak with my wife Joanie ?
 " Yaehh sure, come on over "
 Clearly she had not been on her own first level up, last few hours.
 In here, she did look around a bit, and asked for Joanie again.
Now was time for a little gamble.
 I did point her to the garden, she did see naked and bound Joanie of course.
 "sure You can visit her there, - but under equally conditions".   oooops.
 She did blushing a little bit - So, i knew my gamble did go perfect.
 When i told her to take her clothes off, she strip faster as i could tell her to.
 Not strange - she had only a flimsy summerdress, and slippers, not even underwear.
She did not start to go outside - so: my sneaky plan was going perfect.
Once naked, she did turn her back to me, and hold her hands to be bound behind her.
 On the way to Joanie's tree, she did some joking, likely to make me feel comfortable.
She asked me: This is what you like eh? Escorting naked bound girls around ?
And so right she was!
Quickly (how silly of me!) She was on her knees, bound to the nearby tree.
 Of course i took Joanie's blindfold off,  she had a guest to give all regards to.
Let them speak, let them conversate, whatever. I go back to my newspaper.
I think i could read maybe 1 or 2 lines, nothing more - with those two
naked and well bound beauty's almost directly before my greedy eyes.
Some time later - telephone again - Mark, the neighbor, man of Joyce.
 If I knew where Joyce was on that moment. - "Yes, she is here, come over man".
He had seen both girls naked and bound before of course, but
was just as impressed as i was, by the present composition.

 "Hi Joanie", nice to see You now, in the sun, how are You?"
"Hi Mark", Nice to be seen now, instead of a silly newspaper ".

  "Hi Joyce, I see You found Yourself a good time-killer", You like it eh?" .
"Hi Mark, All O.K. here!  Why don't You join us ?! "
Then Mark - just as sneaky as I am -  asked quasi innocent
"Can i do a little inspection, to see, ehhhh feel, if everything works O.K.?
What a monster!  Girls in panic ( should they really are ??),
" Sure man! - tell me the results of Your inspections please ".
 Inspection . . . not too childish.
 Stick 1 finger in a "love-hole", all the way in, feeling around,
then 2 fingers, then 3.  then again on the other girl.
Also a fingernail to "test" two clits, WHAT an inspection - I must do it also later.
It looks like both girls enjoy the "inspection" - none of them could sit still.
"Well Mister cunt-expert, what is Your opinion about this two ?" I asked.
"They are both more_or_less  horny enough,  ready to be used".

"Well girls, you heard it. Any appeal against this verdict " ?
 Of course no comment from the "ready to be used" women.
Fantastico Mark said, but why no gags ?
I told him - i know better things to do for bound girl's mouth.
Now he went super-brave: "i dream about fucking Your Joanie since long time",
What a way to go!  I was proud, my Joanie was a bit in panic, Mark was eager.
And Joyce . . . Well, i told Mark: "Go ahead man, but i am not going to sit still".
Now also Joyce was a little bit in panic, strange, she should have expected this.
It was a very nice happening. The well bound girls both in use "as it should be",
Mark and me, we acting as if we had nice conversations.
Like "how nice to have a talking without women interfering",
And about my wife wriggel her toes, while she was fucked in her throad.
And we should install some posts on the grassfield because it was
so boring to watch not much more as just a tree.

And how convienient it is to have a nice garden for using it
as a parkingplace for horny fuckmeat and other sluts.
And Who of them would be the most inventive cocksucker, If they had a chance.
This asked for a contest between them two,
We should tie them up, and invite some 10 or 12 good friends a jury.
The girls could not see our winks from the kneeling position of course.

And much more remarks, with the only purpose to be humiliating.
After successfull throad_fuckings ( few times of course - we are sporters ),
we ( the two not-tiedup members ) are enough worn_out,
Don't know about the two bound beauty's - we did act as if un-important,
 We keep them as they are, we just get two bottles of water from the house.
The water was more than welcome. But as to be expected - they asked to get free.
We, mean as we are, decided that freedom was "a bridge too far"  for now.
Free the ankles,  and the necks,  and keep the hands bound behind the back.
Asking if we should go in the house, or the patio, or the shadow on the grass,
we got the most logical answer: "whatever, as long as we don't go on the knees.
 On the patio, 4 chairs, 2 naked bound beautifull woman, limonade on the table.
What more can a man wish?! ( No, Not alcoholics!  We are monsters, not dumbo's ).
Then, enjoy the "after-fun", Joyce wanted to make a confession:
She was upstairs, she did see Joanie in our garden, and did plan her actions!
And was proud that her plan worked-out perfectly as planned, every detail.
 Mark did mention a next time, logigal enough, but then
he would like the women hanging upside down, from a tree-branch. then we had little
discussion - if a woman hands should then be tied on the back or front.
 This discussion had no end, on that cosy time, too much possibillities and whises.


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