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On the Water 16b
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on the Water 16b

 He took one end of the rope he had pulled and, gathering her long hair into one large pony tail, tied it to her golden locks.
 We were standing under a tree and he tossed the rope over a branch above us,
pulling on the slack until all her hair was raised above her head. He tied it off.
 "Hair can be beautiful, but impractical at times." he said.
He pulled another rope and doubled it, folding it in half.

 "We will begin," he said, "watch." Everyone was paying attention now and we watched
as he wrapped the looped end of his double rope around Laura's waist,
tucking the loop under the rope at the small of her back.
He brought the ends of the rope between her legs from behind and up in front of her,
tucking them under her waist rope before pulling them back through her legs again and up behind her.
 Laura now had four strands of rope snug against her pussy and ass.
I caught her eye and she smiled nervously at me.
Working in silence the Japanese turned Laura so that her back was visible to us all
and he brought her arms down.
He placed them together behind her back,
 folded so that her fingers just reached the opposite elbow, her forearms together.
Then he used the rest of the rope to bind her hands together,
wrapping the rope around her forearms and around her upper arms too
until they were locked solid behind her.
"Do not pull yet." he said to her, and Laura nodded.
 He could tell as could most of us that she was very turned on
and wanted to make use of the crotch ropes.
 He pulled another rope from the pile, doubled it,
and tied the looped end around the ropes binding her wrists.
He brought this rope up her back and between shoulder blades tied a knot in the two strands,
binding them together.
He passed each strand over her shoulders,
one on each side of her neck and then turned her to face us again.
Just below her neck he tied the strands together with another knot,
then one more knot was tied between her breasts,
the ropes now falling in a straight line directly between those sweet globes.
Another knot was tied below her breasts and a last one at about the height of her belly button.
Then the Japanese tucked what was leftover partially under her waist rope.
I wondered why he didn't tie them there.
He pulled a third rope from the pile, but this one he didn't double.
 Instead he turned her once more and tied one end of this rope to one of the ropes
running up her back, below the knot he had tied there earlier.
 He turned Laura again and brought the rope around her side,
over her upper arm and threaded it through the gap between the ropes coming down from her neck, between the first two knots he had tied.
 This held the rope above her breast.
 He pulled the rope through until it was snug and then went back the way he had come,
threading the rope through the same gap behind her back before coming around her other side.
He threaded the rope through the same gap he had used up front
and when he pulled it back it pulled the strands that fell from her neck into a diamond shape.
There were lots of smiles from the group when they saw that.
Our rope expert went behind Laura again and repeated the whole process with the next gap down, incidentally tightening the ropes against her breasts in a nice bit of breast bondage.
 He worked his way down her torso like this
until he reached her waist where he tied off the end of the rope behind her.
 Laura now had a set of diamonds made out of rope falling from her neck to her waist
and her hands and arms were very well tied against her body.
 The Japanese wasn't quite don't though.
He took the two ends that he had only tucked in and pulled them all the way under the waist rope. These he pulled hard on and Laura gasped as the ropes about her tightened up.
He tied them in place.
 Then he turned her once more and we could see that there was still a little rope left
in the single strand he had used to create the diamonds with.
This he threaded through the loop he had tucked under her waist rope to hold it up
and pulled hard on it, tightening her crotch rope.
He tied it off then untied the rope holding her hair.
"Simple, but effective and quite beautiful." he said with a small smile.
Everybody clapped.
Laura stood still, her mind and body exploring her bondage.
"You were a good, obedient subject. You may go now." our host said.
"Yes, Sir. Thank you." Laura replied, and she walked back to me.
The way she walked I could tell she was really feeling those Ben Wa balls.
 "How does it feel?" I asked her as we walked away.
" tight and the ropes between my legs are fantastic!"
 She was panting with desire, her nipples like hard little rocks.
 I stopped her and sucked on them, getting an instant moan from her.
God she was making me hard!
"Please...Sir...let me cum!" she begged.
I had been carrying the chains and cuffs I had taken from her. I held them up to her face.
"I'm tired of carrying these." I said with a smile.
 To her horror I clipped her nipple clips back onto her very swollen nipples
and let everything hang.
The clips were tight enough to take the weight but not enough to really hurt,
but I bet the swinging chains were playing havoc with her senses.
"Ohhhh..." she moaned, her feet shifting, her eyes closed.
I wished she had a clit ring I could lead her around by.
 Instead I took her toe hobble and locked one tiny manacle to the chain between her breasts,
I used the other one to pull her along with and my wife stumbled along behind me,
eager to keep the added tension I was putting on her bound breasts down.
 I knew she wouldn't last much longer
and I had a quick thought about how I was going to eventually give her release.
My problem was solved when I saw an empty seat.
 I led Laura over to it and sat down.
 "Over my lap, slave!" I ordered and she practically threw herself at me,
landing face down with her butt high in the air.
 I arranged her so that her chains hung free, pulling her breasts downward. Then, holding tight to those chains with one hand I began to spank her moderately hard.
 As I hit, the still tender welt on her ass she would jump and yelp,
but she wouldn't jump far because her nipples held her down,
trapped in the chains I held in one hand.
 Each spank caused her pain and stimulation in two points, something I know she loves.
 I kept up my spanking, varying the strengths and the target each time
and Laura began her song of passion, her eyes tightly shut, her bound hands now fists,
her unbound legs spread wide and getting wider by the second.
 Other people nearby stopped to watch as I kept spanking and were witness to Laura
trying to hump my leg as she tried to gain even more stimulation from her crotch ropes.
 I spanked her even harder now, not caring if I was hitting her welt,
and she bucked about on my lap with enthusiasm.
 Her buttocks were bright red and my hand was getting sore when she finally came, grunting almost as loud as Amy as the torrent of passion overwhelmed her.
 From the way she bucked about she must have had a multiple,
and she almost tore the chains out of my other hand.
 Her nipples and breasts were really going to hurt when she came down.
 I put my hand on her hot little rump and began rubbing,
watching as the love of my life slowly came down.
She was limp over my lap, breathing heavily, exhausted.
 Many of the folk around us smiled and went back to what they were doing
 but one young lady kept watching us.
 She was a well proportioned young woman,
her breasts large but with the tiniest nipples I had ever seen.
 Her hair was very short, like a boy's, and like Amy she had no pubic hair.
She wore a leather mask that covered her eyes and nose.
She padded over to us and sat on the seat beside me.
I was a little surprised.
 Laura couldn't see her because the girl sat at her lower end.
Besides in her state I doubt she would have noticed anyway.
"Hi." said the girl.
"Hey!" I said, wondering what she wanted.
She looked to be about nineteen but I hoped she was older than that.
 I noticed that a small padlock kept her mask from being unfastened.
There was also something around her neck, maybe the thinest collar I had ever seen.
 It looked like not much more than a piece of wire, but it did have shape and looked tough.

The girl was staring at Laura's red ass, the four stands of rope dividing her two globes.
 "May I touch, Sir?" she asked.
I stopped rubbing and took my hand away. Curious, I nodded.
She reached out and let her small fingers caress Laura's cheeks, tracing the welt left by the cane.
"Hot." she said.
I nodded again.
"What's your name?" she asked.
"Don. What's yours?"
The girl glanced away for a second. "Is she yours?"
I nodded. "This is Laura, my wife."
The girl nodded and shaped the name Laura with her lips.
 I looked at Laura, catching her eye now that her senses were coming back to her.
She looked happy and curious as to who I was talking with.
She told me later that the only reason she wasn't embarrassed about how she looked
was because the ropes covered her pussy pretty well.
 "Are you from the big boat in the bay?" the girl asked me.
"No, but we're parked right next to it. Our boat is called the 'Kajira'." I replied.
"Oh." She continued to caress Laura's backside for a moment longer and then stood up.
 "Thank you, Sir." she said and ran off, her young naked body looking elegant in it's motion.
"Who was that?" Laura asked.
"I don't know. But then you get to meet all sorts at one of these events." I replied.
 I helped her to stand and she stood on rubbery legs.
"Wow! That was incredible!" she said with a smile.
"I know," I replied with a grin, "everybody thought so!"
Laura looked around, her face in a panic.
 I think that only now she had realized that her sexual release had been publicly viewed
by dozens of people. She turned a bright red.
"Oh God...can we go?" she said.

"What happened to the slave girl I came in here with?" I asked her,
 noting her change in personality with a smile.
"She Sir, can we go back to the boat?"
I laughed. "Sure. I'm getting sleepy anyway."
"Thank you Sir. Sir, could a slave ask to be untied?"
"Are you uncomfortable in those ropes?"

 Laura pulled a little at her rope bondage,
none of the ropes having moved an iota since being put on her.
 "No, not really." she said honestly.
 "Well I want to show Ben how you look, so the ropes stay on."
"Yes, Sir." Laura said with a sigh.

I laughed again and took the tiny leash I had made out of her toe hobbles
 and with a yelp Laura followed me home to the 'Kajira'.

End of Part 16.